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Okinawa features a unique blend of natural and man-made environments, of which the ancient Ryukyu “Gusuku” (castle) sites are surely amongst the most spectacular ones. The old Ryukyu building masters were incredibly skillful at integrating their defensive castle constructions into a complex topography and they did it in a way not seen in any other culture, be it Asian or Western. The remaining old stone walls are evidence of a deeply sensitive dialog between human and nature that unfortunately seems lost in contemporary Okinawa.
Itokazu Castle is one of the lesser-known Gusuku sites in Okinawa but without doubt an outstanding example of this fascinating tradition.

Soundscape Okinawa adds a layer of sound to the scenic beauty of a traditional Gusuku site, a sound that is inspired and augment by this peculiar environment. A mixture of concert and “exhibition of sounds”, musicians create a soundscape that is “in tune” with a location of stunning beauty, while providing the audience with a new kind of experience in which the amalgamation of landscape and soundscape construct a different notion of environment.

Musicians are distributed around the wide area of the Gusuku, each creating a distinct sound conceived from a dialog with their surroundings and their peer musicians. The audience moves freely through a scenery of sounds and spatial situations while constantly assembling and reassembling the sound to create their very own soundscape. A unique and unprecedented combination of dense, atmospheric places with a collection of sounds invites the audience to immerse themselves with their senses in this very special natural and cultural environment.

Soundscape Okinawa 2021 Main Event
: November 20th (Sat.) / 21st (Sun.) , 2021
Time: 13:00 - 17:00  (Entrance open: 12:00)

“Zenyasai” Pre-Event
: November 19th (Fri.), 2021
Time: 17:00 - 21:00  (Entrance open: 17:00) 


Location: Nanjo City, Itokazu Castle
Itokazu-133 Tamagusuku, Nanjo, Okinawa 901-1400, Japan

Participating Musicians:
C.H.B (Electronic)
Harikuyamaku (DJ, Electronic)
Yukino Inamine (Vocals, Sanshin)
Takuichiro Inuzuka (Keyboard harmonica, Percussion, etc.)
Takeshi Ishihara (Electric Guitar)
Nana Izumikawa (Clarinet)
Ryoichi Kamamura (Composition)
Yumi Kano (Crystal Bowl)
Mayako Koja (African Instruments)
Meiko Oshiro (Oboe)
Mariko Sawai (Vocals, Flute, Sanshin)
Robin Uechi (Ryukyu Koten Ongaku)

Participating Artists:
Tsutomu Hanashiro
Misaki Kodama
Hiromi Tsuha
Kazuya Uechi

Organizer: Art Initiative Okinawa (AIO)

Art Direction: Prof. Titus Spree (AIO Chair, University of the Ryukyus)
Managing Director: Naoko Uchima (AIO Co-Chair, ESM Okinawa)  
Covid 19 countermeasure Advisor: Dr. Med. Kyushima
Video Direction: Hige Films/Sochiro Shimoji 
Sound Engineering: Makoto Maruyama

Support:     Okinawa Arts Council, Okinawa Prefectural Government Office
                    Nanjo City Tamagusuku Itokazu, campo
AIO  Art Initiative Okinawa
University of the Ryukyus  |  Prof. Titus Spree
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